On Onlyfans, just like everywhere else on the internet, content is always the most important thing. However, the content must be fantastic quality, and you cannot just post the same content over and over, as subscribers will get bored and unsubscribe.

However, one of the most difficult things as a creator on any platform, and definitely as an Onlyfans creator, is regularly churning out content on Onlyfans that fans love, and keeps them interested. To do that, you need to have regular new ideas.

We have created this guide to give you an overview of what to post on Onlyfans, and added in a lot of great ideas. In addition, we look into how you can consistently come up with the best Onlyfans content ideas that will keep your Onlyfans account packed full of high quality content that will keep your fans engaged and subscribers coming back for more.

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How Does OnlyFans Work?

Onlyfans is simply a way for creators to monetise their content. Millions of creators, whether NSFW, SFW, and in thousands of different niches, can use the platform to give their subscribers their content for a fee. Onlyfans will do all of the things like hosting the content, billing the customers etc. What creators need to do is to create content!

It sounds simple, but any creator will tell you that is is actually not as easy as it sounds. To be successful as an Onlyfans adult content creator, you need to be able to make content regularly that is of high quality, and that satisfies your subscribers desires. Not only that, but you need to keep coming up with new ideas so that your fans stay with you.

How much content do Onlyfans creators need to make?

This is a question that really depends on many things; the niche you are in, the platforms you are using to promote, and of course, the amount of time you have to spend making content.

Posting daily is often a good rule of thumb, however, you need to ensure that you plan out your content, and schedule it, and get an efficient creative process. If you create and then post youR content every day, then it is a likely you will burn out pretty quickly!

The best thing to do initially is to do some competitor research. Find some successful creators within you niche, and follow them. Even subscribe to them if you can. It may cost some money, but for your research it is money well spent.

After a while you will get an idea of how much content the other creators post regularly, and what types of content. From this, you can work out what you will need to do.

For example, lets say you can see that on average, successful creators in your niche post:

  • 10 photos per week on Onlyfans
  • 5 videos per week on Onlyfans
  • 10 photos per week on social media
  • 5 videos per week on social media

This gives you a total of 20 photos and 10 videos per week. You can then work out how to create this content. The best idea is to do all of this in one filming session. You can then schedule the content to be posted on the platforms. Once you practice and get your process refined, then you will probably be able to do it all in just a few hours per week.

Onlyfans niches – how they affect the content you post

As an aspiring or existing Onlyfans creator, you should always remember how important it is to define your niche. It is absolutely crucial as it will define the content that you create and the way you promote your Onlyfans page.

An Onlyfans niche can be defined in a number of ways. From your ethnicity, body type (big boobs, big ass etc) to your kink or fetish, and even your interests i.e. gamer girl, tattoos etc. Each of the niches will have a different method of content and what works best.

For more details on choosing your Onlyfans niche, check out our dedicated article.

NSFW and SFW content for Onlyfans

Adult content is by far the biggest seller on Onlyfans, with an estimated 70% of Onlyfans content creators offering explicit content. This guide is focused mainly on NSFW creators.

What Kind of Content Sells on OnlyFans?

Pretty much anything and everything in the NSFW adult space has a market on Onlyfans. Some niches are much bigger than others, but at the same time, the bigger niches are much more competitive. The best plan is to be authentic to yourself, and create content that suits your personality. This will give you the best chance to create content that sells on Onlyfans.

What types of content do you need for OnlyFans?

Onlyfans is a subscription platform. For Onlyfans creators, they will ideally build up a large number of paying subscribers by creating a certain amount of content each week, and each of these pay a subscription fee each month which then makes the creator thousands of dollars.

If only it was that simple! If it was then the content creation process would be far easier. However, to have a successful Onlyfans page, the creator will need to make a lot of different content, all of it created especially for a specific purpose. Of course the subscriber content will need to be fantastic, but you will also need to have content for promotion, which may need to be less explicit to fit into the rules on the platform you are using to promote. In addition, pay per view content (PPV), is a way that Onlyfans creators supercharge their revenues, and this will need its own content and strategy.

Onlyfans subscriber content

Your Onlyfans subscriber content is your main area of content, if you have decided to go down a pure subscriber route. As a creator, you will need to create content that not only gets subscribers, but gets them to stay subscribed.

It is often a good idea to keep your regular content with a medium level of explicit content, as that allows you to save the really hot content for PPV.

Onlyfans PPV content

Another way to make money from Onlyfans is to offer pay-per-view, or PPV content. This is exclusive content that you can offer to subscribers, often via the chat system on Onlyfans. You can create the content, which will generally be different from the normal subscriber content that you create, and charge a set fee.

For adult content creators, the content could be more explicit than the normal content, or it could be more personalised, custom content for the subscriber, designed to make a personal connection. You can even collaborate with other Onlyfans creators to make joint content, which can expose both of you to a wider audience.

When creating your content ideas, it makes sense to add in PPV content, so that you can then add that extra level of revenue. Many of the most successful creators are making a large proportion of their Onlyfans revenue from PPV content, so don’t forget about it!

Social media promotion content

Creating content for a social media platform is very different than creating content for Onlyfans. Most social media platforms have strict content restrictions, so you need to ensure that you stay well within those guidelines so you avoid being banned from the platforms.

So, the best thing to do is to create sexy, teasing content, that really shows off your personality, and makes your social media followers want more and follow you over to Onlyfans so they can see your hotter content.

Reddit promotion content

As we have discussed in depth in our dedicated article on Reddit Onlyfans promotion, Reddit is a fantastic way to drive users into your Onlyfans page. The main difference between Reddit and other social media platforms is that Reddit allows adult content. This means that you need a specific strategy for Reddit. The best strategy is posting exclusive content especially for Reddit, that is hotter than on other social media, but not too hot, as you are looking to get the viewers on Reddit over to your Onlyfans so they can see your really hot content.

What You Need To Create Good OnlyFans Content

Invest in equipment

Whilst it helps to have expensive equipment, it is not totally necessary to spend huge amounts of money. The newest smartphones all have fantastic quality, and this is easily enough to create content for a successful Onlyfans channel. Be sure that you invest in:

  • Digital camera or good quality smartphone
  • A separate microphone (don’t just rely on the phone mic)
  • A tripod (will make your life so much easier)
  • Lights (even a basic ring light is better than nothing)

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and the rest of these things can be found pretty cheaply online, so cost should not be a thing that holds you back from making great content.

Learn about filming and editing

There are many resources online to learn about photography, lighting, editing and more. Canva has many interesting things, and you can even find cheap courses on places like Udemy.

Make great captions

Captions can help make content really stand out, so it makes sense to research other creators to see how they do their captions, and experiment to see which ones work best.

NSFW Onlyfans content ideas

Really the only limit to what content you can share on Onlyfans is your imagination! However, we have all been there, it is the classic writers block situation. Your mind goes blank, you just cannot think of anything to do!

With the rise of influencer culture, whether on Youtube, social media, or Onlyfans, the risk of content related burnout has become a real problem. When your job relies on you churning out content, monthly, weekly, and even daily, it can become very stressful, and we have seen some high profile influencers have to step back from their regular posting. So, here are some Onlyfans ideas for content, than can help when your mind goes blank.

Behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes footage can be a great way to add content to your schedule. It is often easier to make than the normal content.

Fetish content

If you are in a niche, then there will always be sub niches within that niche that you can play around with. You can give your fans a treat by adding in different fetishes regularly.

Viral trends – dances etc

Viral trends become viral for a reason – people like to click on them. You can keep an eye on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and jump on trends as they come to create the content. You can even do non adult trends in a sexy and more explicit way.

Roleplaying and Cosplay

The great thing about roleplay and cosplay, is that it gives you the chance to use entirely different outfits, backgrounds and even personalities. You can really diversify your content with these methods.

Couples Content

If you feel comfortable with this, you can add in some content with your partner as exclusive content.

Selling feet pics

People love feet! Even if your niche has nothing to do with feet, you can still dedicate some of your content to making feet pictures. You might even gain some entirely new fans!

How to come up with new Onlyfans content ideas consistently

The best way to keep a steady stream of content ideas coming is to become a fan yourself! Find other creators, ideally within your niche, and follow what they do, both on Onlyfans and their promotional channels. This way you can see great ideas for content all of the time, and keep yourself consistently inspired.


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Onlyfans Content Ideas – FAQ

What are some good OnlyFans content ideas for guys?

Pretty much all of the strategies outlined in this article will apply to male Onlyfans creators too. Of course the niches and content types may be different, so your competitor research is key!

OnlyFans picture ideas?

Ideas for Onlyfans pictures are easy to find, just get on Onlyfans, follow some creators you like, and get inspired!