Onlyfans Reddit promotion – your path into the 0.1%

Newcomers to the world of Onlyfans promotion are sometimes surprised when they hear about how important Reddit promotion is. Surely bigger platforms that are based around image and video such as Instagram, TikTok and Youtube are better to promote an Onlyfans account?

Not at all! For any Onlyfans creator, Reddit is both your best friend and your secret weapon. Creators who understand and use Reddit correctly and efficiently will do WAY better than creators who are not using the platform.

Are you using Reddit yet? If not, then dig in to this guide to how to make the best of this super effective platform. Even if you are already using Reddit, we have packed this guide full of fantastic in-depth information that will help you to:

  • Set up your Reddit profile up correctly and for maximum success
  • Find the subreddits relevant to your Onlyfans niche, and who will love your content
  • Create Reddit friendly content that will get you attention
  • What and when to post for the best engagement
  • Gain masses of subscribers with the perfectly optimised profile

What is Reddit?

Reddit was founded back in 2005, and as of 2023 has 430 million users per month, and 52 million actively using the platform each day.

The site is a network of communities where users can post and discuss pretty much anything at all. Whatever your interest is, you can find relevant subreddits where you can find fans and people interested in the topic.

This is one of the reasons why Reddit is so useful for Onlyfans promotion. Whatever your niche, you are sure to find an active community around that area, full of potential subscribers.

Another fantastic thing about Reddit is that, unlike most other social media platforms, adult content and NSFW content is fine on Reddit! Just make sure that you mark your posts as NSFW!

What is a subreddit?

A subreddit is a community on Reddit. There are currently around 3.4 million subreddits on Reddit, and you can find subreddits about virtually any subject imaginable.

In the context of Onlyfans promotion, you can find subreddits related to every sort of body type, kink, ethnicity, and other type of content.

Any post on Reddit is within a subreddit. All subreddits have their own rules, and each subreddit is managed by moderators, or mods, who ensure that these rules are not broken. It is always good to ensure you don’t upset the mods, as they have the power to ban you from the subreddit!

It is even possible to set up your own subreddit based on you and your content, which can be a great way to pick up fans and subscribers.

What are upvotes and downvotes?

Every post that you make can be either upvoted or downvoted by other users on the subreddit. It is always good to have more upvotes than downvotes, so it is key that you find the right subreddits for you niche and content, follow the rules, and don’t do anything that annoys your fellow Redditors.

Within a subreddit, the posts that have the highest number of upvotes (minus downvotes) will be shown at the top of the subreddit, which means that more people see your post. Therefore it is important to try to maximise your upvotes.

What is Reddit Karma?

Karma is based on the upvotes and downvotes on your posts. It is simply the amount of upvotes your posts have had minus the amount of downvotes, and this gives you your karma number.

Your karma is important in relation to how high up the subreddits your posts will be shown within the subreddit. In addition, there are some subreddits that required a minimum amount of karma before you can post in the subreddit.

Why is Reddit good for Onlyfans promotion?

NSFW Content

The biggest problem with promoting your Onlyfans on social media platforms is that most of them do not allow adult content, and you will get quickly banned if you do.

With Reddit, it is very NSFW friendly, so as long as you take some time to set up your profile properly, you can post adult content without any issue.

Every niche imaginable is on Reddit

Whatever your Onlyfans niche is, there will be subreddits on Reddit concerning that niche. If there are no subreddits, then you have chosen a niche that simply does not have enough people who are into it, so you will never be able to get enough Onlyfans subscribers to make decent revenue on Onlyfans. In this scenario it is better to find a bigger niche, or broaden out your existing chosen niche.

As you can find relevant subreddits for pretty much any niche that has fans, then this means that 1) you can definitely find subscribers and 2) you can see other creators in a similar niche, and learn from how they do their Reddit posts and promotion.

So, lets look at the steps you need to take to start promoting your Onlyfans on Reddit, and highlight the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

1) Setting up your Reddit profile

The first steps to getting subscribers on Reddit are to download the app, or visit the website on your computer, and create a Reddit account.

Set your profile to NSFW

Always set your account to NSFW. This avoids any issues with you getting banned in the future. It is also worthwhile to head into the ‘feed settings’ area of your account and enable adult content, and turn off safe browsing. This will mean you can easily access all of the adult subreddits.

Create a great profile page

Take time to build the best profile page possible, with great images that reflect you and your Onlyfans content, and a Reddit bio that is authentic and compelling for the reader, and will make them want more. Try not to be too sales focused and impersonal. Fans want creators they feel a connection to. Also, try to make your Reddit username as close to your Onlyfans profile name as possible.

Add your Onlyfans link in your profile

You can add your Onlyfans link in your profile, for example Remember that it is best to have a memorable, unique and as short as possible Onlyfans username, so that potential subscribers can remember it and search for it (we cover this in detail in our how to start an Onlyfans article).

This is especially important with Reddit, because the link within your profile is NOT clickable. So users will check out your profile, then have to remember the name and then go to Onlyfans to search for you.

Get verified on subreddits before you post

Getting verified on every subreddit you post in is a very good habit to get into. The verification, which basically confirms that it is you posting and in the pictures you post, adds that extra level of trust and authenticity. This small thing could be a way to increase the number of Reddit users who check out your profile, then potentially go to your Onlyfans account.

2) Find Subreddits Related to Your OnlyFans Niche

Now it is time to search for the subreddits where your potential subscribers are hanging out. We cover niche selection here, but in summary you need to pin down exactly what niche you are in, based on body type, body parts, kinks/fetishes, ethnicity, type of content etc. There are two main methods to do this.

Use OnlyFans subreddits where other creators promote

Research other Onlyfans creators within your niche that look to be popular and doing well, and find them on Reddit. Once you have located them, then join the subreddits that they are posting in. Over time, you can build up a big list of relevant subreddits. In addition, by joining them, you can see how these other creators engage with users to promote Onlyfans, and get some inspiration of how you can promote yourself to your target audience.

While you are doing this research, don’t forget to check out which hashtags are being used by other Onlyfans creators. Note these down and you can use them later when you start posting.

Find lists of NSFW subreddits and select the ones that fit your niche

There are many places online where you can find lists of adult subreddits. A quick Google search will give you many options. For example, Redditlist can get you started, but there are many more. It is possible to find NSFW subreddits via Reddit search, but it can take a long time, so it is good to get a headstart.

Once you have identified these subreddits, then join them, and then you can see the content being posted and whether it fits you and your niche.

From these processes you should have joined a large number of subreddits, and you should be able to refine your list down to a smaller number that you will use to start your promotion.

3) Engage with Reddit Users Through Comments and posting

Reddit is built on discussion and interaction. You cannot just go on to the site and start blasting out promotional content, as both the platform, and other Reddit users do not want this, and you will just get downvoted and banned.

Like any other platform, the best way to succeed is to do exactly what they want you to do, and then once you understand the platform, and have built up some karma, then you can unlock the clever ways you can promote your Onlyfans.

So, you need to become a dedicated Redditor! Once you have located some of the related subreddits, then just become a regular member of the group, engaging and interacting with other users of the subreddit. At this stage, you don’t need to worry too much about self promotion, as it is more about getting used to the platform, and building up your karma.

It may seem strange, but the best way to promote yourself on Onlyfans is to NOT promote yourself! The most successful Onlyfans creators on Reddit understand that the best way to get subscribers is to post engaging and relevant content, and interact with other members of the subreddit, without even mentioning Onlyfans.

The idea is that the more engaging and tempting your content is, the more likely a Redditor will visit your profile, and there they can see your Onlyfans address. The more users on Reddit you drive to your profile, the more subscribers on Onlyfans you will get.

Create your own promotional Onlyfans subreddit and start building up Reddit followers

Once you are used to the Reddit platform, and have followers and an understanding of the platform, you can create your own subreddit, based around just you and your content. This can be a great way to build up a lot of dedicated fans that you can convert to Onlyfans subscribers. Posting free content promoting Onlyfans can allow you to gain followers quickly.

4) Use pinned posts

You can add up to 5 pinned posts. This means that posts you have made that you can pin, and they are then the first things that any Reddit user visit your profile.

This is another way to promote your Onlyfans. You can post a picture or video, and then comment on your own post with your Onlyfans link.

You can also use these to offer discounts, and to promote your social media.

5) Be authentic and creative when posting

The most important thing to understand with Reddit Onlyfans promotion, is that you are NOT advertising! People on Reddit absolutely hate advertising and if you do, then you will just see masses of downvotes and will get banned from subreddits. Always remember:

The aim on Reddit is to connect with other users by posting and giving them content that they like and want more of. If you do this, then they will visit your profile page, where you have already (thanks to step 1) added your Onlyfans address. You will be amazed at just how many subscribers you will get from this method!

Onlyfans Reddit Promotion – Avoid these mistakes

  • Always build your karma naturally

On many subreddits you will need to have a certain level of karma before you can post. ALWAYS ensure you build this karma naturally, by posting good content and interacting. There are subreddits out there that say they can help to increase your karma, but NEVER use these as you can get flagged as spam, and banned from certain subreddits.

  • Always read and follow subreddit rules

Each subreddit has it’s own rules. Before posting on it ALWAYS read and ensure you understand these rules, and then stick to them. There is no point in doing anything else as you will just get banned from subreddits and your karma will drop.

  • Don’t advertise on other users posts

On Reddit is seen as particularly bad behaviour to post promoting your own content when replying to other creators posts. This will likely get you heavily downvoted, and even banned from subreddits.

  • Never spam

Everyone hates spam, but especially Reddit and Reddit users do. There is nothing they hate more! Always ensure that your post is relevant to the subreddit, and give thought to what and where you post. If you think that what you are posting is even slightly spammy, then don’t do it!


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Onlyfans Reddit Promotion – FAQ

Can I offer discounts or promotions for my OnlyFans content on Reddit?

Of course! It can definitely be a good way to drive users to your Onlyfans page. You can promote your offers via your profile or by pinned posts.

Best OnlyFans subreddits for beginners

You don’t need to start off with the biggest subreddits! In fact, it can be much more effective to target the smaller subreddits to start with. Even subreddits with only a few hundred subscribers can be worthwhile joining and posting on. These subreddits will often have more dedicated subscribers that are really into the niche, and may be more likely to join your Onlyfans. Also, it will be much easier to get to the top of smaller subreddits so you can get more eyes on your posts.

Why Reddit to promote your OnlyFans page?

Because it will give you the best return on any investment of time compared to any other platform, and you can do it with no cost, aside from your time. At STAR Model Management, we have grown many Onlyfans accounts using Reddit, bringing users up to very high revenue numbers. If you want to promote Onlyfans on Reddit then contact us now to see how we can help you.