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The Onlyfans platform has taken the world by storm in the last few years, and has really shaken up both the world of social media and the world of online adult content. It turns out that content consumers love to get exclusive hot content from their favourite creators and influencers, and build a fun and safe online relationship with them. Onlyfans allows the hundreds of millions Onlyfans users exactly that experience on their platform.

For creators, Onlyfans can act as a way to monetise an existing social media or online following (think of it like a premium version of your social feed for your most loyal fans), or it can also be your main platform, with the social media and other promotional platforms acting as a sales funnel for you to get paying subscribers on to your Onlyfans page, and drive your revenue from there.

Whilst the many celebrity Onlyfans stars have made all of the headlines and made Onlyfans well known in the mainstream, it is the dedicated Onlyfans creators who form the heart and soul of the platform, and a huge number of these are making money in life changing amounts!

We have covered the initial set up of your Onlyfans account in our comprehensive how to start an Onlyfans article.

So, once you have gone through the process of deciding on your niche, setting up your Onlyfans page and working out your content strategy, then the next step is to get more Onlyfans subscribers!

Both beginner and existing Onlyfans creators are always wondering how to get more subscribers on Onlyfans, so here at STAR we have gathered up all of our knowledge to give you a complete overview of what to do to gain Onlyfans subscribers and pave your way to Onlyfans success.

First we will start with your page on Onlyfans, then we will get to how to drive potential subscribers into your Onlyfans page.

Your Onlyfans Page

Ensure Your Onlyfans page is active and exciting

Before you even think of ways to drive people to your Onlyfans page, you need to ensure that as soon as a potential subscriber hits your page they will want to hit that subscribe button. So make your images and other content as tempting to click on as possible!

Write a fantastic description

The better you describe what you offer, who you are, and why a potential fan should subscribe to your channel, the more Onlyfans subscribers you will get. It is really as simple as that! Take time to really lay out what any subscriber will get from you and why it is unique, and you will reap the rewards by converting many more subs.

Post great content regularly

Of course your content should be very high quality and exactly what your fans want. But you need to ensure you are posting as much as you can. This will not only show potential subscribers that they will be getting all the exclusive content they want from you

Engage with your fans

Don’t forget that your subscribers are paying customers, and Onlyfans is a very relationship based medium. Users are looking for a closer experience than on other content platforms, so get into your DMs and show your appreciation for your fans! Also, don’t be afraid to ask people to subscribe to your if they have not already, many will do so if you ask nicely.

Offer discounts and promotions

Onlyfans has a lot of flexibility and options when it comes to doing promotions and offering discounts. You can offer the first month free to a certain number of subscribers, or give discounts to long term subscribers. This can really bring loyalty into your fans, and they can stay subscribed for years.

However – how do you get those eyes to hit your Onlyfans in the first place?

Onlyfans Promotion – Social Media

Onlyfans has really used social media as a stepping stone in their pathway to success, and you can too.

As Onlyfans has very limited discovery tools i.e. no search or other way to find creators within the platform, it is necessary to utilize other platforms, such as social media channels, to create more awareness of you and your channel, and then drive these users into your Onlyfans sales funnel. This method can bring you enough subscribers and loyal followers to make your Only Fans highly profitable!

Choose Your Platform Carefully…

Creators have made a success from Onlyfans using many different social media and other platforms. Of course Instagram and Twitter/X are super popular ways to promote your Onlyfans, but there are also ways to get subs from a lot of other social media platforms.

How to promote Onlyfans on Twitter/X

Twitter is far more lenient with NSFW content than most other social media platforms. However, you do still need to take care that you use the platform in the correct and most effective way.

  • Set your Twitter account profile to ‘sensitive’ to ensure you do not have issues.
  • Take time to create an attractive profile, with a compelling bio and great images.
  • Use trending hashtags in your Tweets to get more engagement
  • Work with other creators on Twitter to see if they will do a Shoutout. Some may do this for free, but others may charge a fee.

How to promote Onlyfans on Instagram

Instagram is very strictly a non adult platform, so any content you produce must be far cleaner than your Onlyfans content.

  • Ensure that you fully understand the content rules on Instagram to avoid issues. Sexy is fine, but you have to avoid nudity or anything explicit.
  • Create a Linktree (or a similar linking service), and then link to that from your bio. You can then have your Onlyfans link as the first link in your Linktree.
  • Ensure you use all of the different Instagram elements – Stories are especially good for increasing engagement.

Understand your numbers

An important thing to understand with promoting your Onlyfans on your social media platforms, is that only a tiny fraction of any followers you get on social media sites will then become your subscriber on Onlyfans.

For example, if you managed to acquire 100,000 followers on Instagram, then it is likely that, even with the best methods to drive these followers to your Onlyfans channel, you will only get a few hundred of these to become a subscriber to your Onlyfans page.

However, don’t get disheartened by this! Knowledge is power, and once you understand these numbers, you can work towards getting your social media followers higher, and increase your number of potential subscribers. Then you will know exactly how this will translate into Onlyfans subs and revenue. This understanding will give you a definite advantage over other Onlyfans creators.

How to promote Onlyfans on Reddit

Reddit can become the most effective promotional tool for an Onlyfans creator. There are tens of thousands of successful Onlyfans who owe their success to Reddit, so it makes sense for any OF creator to get posting on the worlds biggest chat forum. There are over 430 million users of Reddit each month, so you are definitely going to be able to find fans of your content on there.

  • Identify the best NSFW subreddits for your niche. These change all the time, and there are so many, you will definitely be able to find some that match your niche and content.
  • Ensure you set your profile to NSFW.
  • Build up your Karma and followers by posting great content in the subreddits
  • Don’t promote your Onlyfans directly in your posts! Redditors hate this and it might get you banned. Rather, post consistently great content, that makes other Reddit users visit your profile, and then they can see your Onlyfans account details there.

How to retain your Onlyfans subscribers

The best way to ensure that your loyal fans stay subscribed to your channel is to ensure you are producing exciting content and positing regularly. And don’t forget the power of direct messages. DMs, or direct messaging with your fans, helps you create a connection via one on one engagement, and also allows you to provide them with exclusive content via pay per view. All these things can ensure that your subscribers stay with you for a long time.

onlyfans dms page - how to get subscribers on onlyfans

Is it possible to promote Onlyfans without social media?

Whilst social media platforms are by far the biggest driver of traffic to Onlyfans, it IS still possible to build up a user base without using them.

Collaborate With Other Content Creators


Shoutouts work great on Onlyfans, as it allows creators to expose their channel to the fans of other channels, and vice versa. It is possible to do shoutout for shoutout (sometimes called S4S), where you will promote another creators channel to your fans and they will promote you to their fans.

There are also many Onlyfans accounts who will ask for a payment to promote you to their fanbase. The cost will depend on how many fans they have.

With both of these methods, it is best to work with creators whose content is similar to yours, as if their fans like their content, then they are more likely to like yours, and you will get more subscribers.

Promote Onlyfans With Paid Promotion

If you have a budget for promotion, then it is easier to promote your Onlyfans without social media. As described above, you can pay other creators to do a shoutout to their fanbase.

There are also several external Onlyfans search engine sites such as Hubite. These sites will sell advertising so you can get your profile in front of eager potential fans.

Work With An Onlyfans Agency

If the above information sounds like a lot of work, that is because it is! There are definitely highly successful Onlyfans creators that run all of their promotion themselves, but it takes a long time to learn everything, and then it is a full time job to do it all.

STAR can take the pain and time out of your Onlyfans promotion, by using our years of experience in successfully driving Onlyfans creators into the top 1% and higher, allowing you to spend just a few hours a week creating great content, and leaving the rest to us. 


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How do Onlyfans creators get subscribers? 

In the many ways that we have described above! If you are a beginner, read our how to start an Onlyfans article to help you get going.

What is the fastest way to get subscribers on Onlyfans?

Things are definitely quicker if you have a budget for things like Shoutouts from other creators on Onlyfans or Twitter. However, at STAR we have methods where we can supercharge your subscriber count in a very short time!