STAR was founded by Olly Sims. Olly has been managing models and increasing their earnings for over 15 years, and for the past 4 years, has focused on Onlyfans. He has a wide range of skills relating to the increase of model earnings, with a particular focus on driving subscriber growth via social media and Reddit. He has assembled a team at STAR that has covers all bases when it comes to Onlyfans management and marketing so we can ensure your success.

The team behind STAR have been working alongside models in the glamour and adult space for decades. Before Onlyfans existed our team worked with models and creators on other platforms, helping with marketing promotion and management. Once Onlyfans launched, it made perfect sense for us to work with our existing creator partners to maximise their earnings on the new platform.

During this process, we developed a series of methods, utilising cutting edge marketing methods and incorporating AI. We decided to create STAR Model Management to offer these skills to a wider audience. Now our talented team works from multiple countries across the globe, servicing creators from dozens of countries. 

What makes STAR different?

As Onlyfans has taken the world by storm, the mainstream media has loved to feature stories about the platform. What has caught the attention of the media audience is often the celebrities who open a page on the platform and make millions of dollars in a matter of days or weeks. But at STAR we know that that is not really what makes Onlyfans tick. 

We know that the vast majority of Onlyfans revenue is generated by hard working creators who may not be famous, but they have transformed their lives by cracking the Onlyfans code and making multiple tens of thousands of dollars every month.

At STAR, we understand that Onlyfans is a career, that it takes hard work to succeed, and that that success can be life-changing. Most of all, we understand how to help you to crack the Onlyfans code, and get you into the top 1% of creators.

STAR Model Management Mission

Of course we want to ensure that our creator partners generate as much Onlyfans revenue as possible. However, we ensure that we have culture of respect and remain aware that everyone is different and needs their account handled in a unique way.

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We would love to connect! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email, or connect via our socials. Alternatively, check out our FAQ here. 


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